You won’t BELIEVE this

This issue is special. Bringing you two brand new NFT artists just starting their journey and a renowned photographer who brings the royal family a whole new lease of life…

1. Deepflow Aesthetic Antagonostics

Going by the name of Deepflow, this digital artist creates extraordinary artworks and colorful abstruse animations.

Going by the name of Deepflow, this digital artist creates extraordinary artworks and colorful abstruse animations.

– With only just over 500 followers on Twitter, this promising NFT artist is only at the beginning of his journey. If you’re looking to invest in exciting artists before they boom, then here’s one artist just for you.


– Aesthetic Antagonists is an obscure compellation of bright vivid background colors that contrast with the fire-like figures that leap out of the water, creating almost lava-like ripples that burn holes into the cool blue water.

Deep flow describes these figures as propaganda machine(s) that generates deception, hype, and disinformation as if their sole purpose is to create havoc and seek revenge.

  1. 2. Moonsundiamond Standrad Blues,

Moonsundiamond is a Zimbabwean artist based in British Columbia, his work ‘’revolves around emotion and our mind states as human beings’’

– Am/Here is a brilliant example of dun.’s unique eye for color. The dark greyish blue seems to represent a thick cloudy smog that foreshadows the contorted face in the image’s forefront.

– The soft black defined rectangle shape that coats the face suggests the figure feels trapped or even suppressed, overwhelmed by the varying emotions and thoughts whirring through their head.

– The black charcoal marks bring the face structure and depth, which means you cannot help but read a new story and emotions each time you observe the artwork.

  1. Burst The painting that started glitching

Burst is an anonymous artist who focuses on post-neoexpressionism and digital art. Burst’s work often involves repetitive moving phrases to represent the ever-changing human psyche.

– Alison’s work brings the royal family to a new level of being in the public eye. Creating images with look-a-like artists, allowing them to be seen as provocative, garish, and opinionated like never‌ before.

– ‘Mental Images’ is a brilliant shot. The white border creates the illusion of the viewer seeing this image through the crack of a door as if seeing a conversation and interaction intended to be private and undisturbed.

 – As a viewer, you can’t help but wonder what they might be discussing. Is Camilla concerned? Are the queen’s eyes closed or is she bowing her head in disapproval?


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Oliver Allen


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