Things are heating up…

Things are heating up in this month’s issue as we bring you 6 NFT artists who have ‌set an even higher standard even for the work being created in the NFT sphere. From artist’s work that is created with the sun, to a caricature artist turned mixed media master, we can’t wait to get stuck in!

1.​ ​Ella Barnes– Bliss Twist

‘’You are a child of light. Release your material form into the astral texture. This is the Bliss Twist, the unity of soul and spirit.’’ – Ella Barnes


  • Ella Barnes graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts in 2016. Her work is solely created using the 170-year-old printing cyanotype method; A UV light-sensitive photographic process. 

  • As Barnes articulates so beautifully in the caption to this work on her website, Bliss Twist has a sense of harmony, relaxation, contentment and peace. As if the twists are turns, ‌one endures, are all part of life’s beauty and charm.

  • Barnes is curious about the ‘’fabric of reality and capturing compositions that induce creative meditation.’’ Bliss Twist is a work that achieves this goal perfectly, as the eye is drawn from the diagonal line that curves softly round to the left. As if representing the inhale and exhale of someone’s breath during a meditation practice.

2. Masoud Mahini-Doubt

Born in 1982, this Iranian artist studied graphic design at the Faculty of Fine Arts and is now an art teacher. 

  • ‘Doubt’ caught our eye immediately this month. From the bright lime green background to the satisfying thick palette of scraping paint. This mixed media piece is exactly the ‌work we love to see on the NFT scene.
  • Mahini originally started as a cartoon artist for various humour and caricature magazines. Doubt’s illustrative lines hint to his earlier style of work, but this simplicity brings a new form, allowing the audience to create a lot the portrait themselves within their own imagination.
  • The direction of the eye’s pupil creates an unsettled feeling that the person in focus is spiralling within their own head. The blurred, messy paint behind could represent the confusion and stress that the doubt is creating for them.

3. Xue JiyeGiant Under The Stars

This Chinese surrealist painter creates work beyond one’s imaginative reach and then some. 

  • Jiye’s painting are influenced by his own sculpture work, as the figure in this painting clenches their legs, their muscles are defined and precise- just like that of a large statue.

  • Be sure to click onto the NFT of this work as the wonder of this piece is taken to another level with the soft twinkling of the stars. This subtle movement makes the stillness of the large statue even more powerful.

  • The smaller replica of the large statue that rests on it’s forearms is perhaps our favourite element of this work. For it creates a larger metaphor for the whole piece, portraying the giant’s out-of-body experience as they rest under the twinkling universe above them.

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