What a story…

This month’s issue is focused on the idea of storytelling, From 3D surrealism to multi-disciplinary magic and documentary style photography, we hope through these three artists you too will discover your own individual story…

1. Kevin Bray It is turning into where it comes from, 2021

We couldn’t help but be drawn to Bray’s bold, sharp, explorative work when we came across ‘’It is turning into where it comes from’’ on the Foundation platform.

  • Kevin’s aim as an artist is ‘’to open a language and explore the edges of its possibilities’’, and this piece of work does just that.  
  • We’re obsessed with the varying textures and 3d surrealism that bray explores. As if his work is opening a door to a whole new universe, a new dimension, and a world where rules and form are constantly evolving and reacting to one another.
  • Despite the boldness of Bray’s objects, the piece has an overall sense of fluidity. With your eyes being drawn from the far left corner of speckled soft pink stone, around towards these thick green vine-like shapes that surround the harsh eye which seems almost plucked out of its corpse, to stare directly into your soul.

2. Katerina Bukolska Dominka, she dives into every adventure

Founder of the ​​Female Art Inspo Awards, Katerina Bukolska is a visual artist whose latest collection ‘55 shadows of a woman’ is something we couldn’t wait to shout about in this month’s issue. 

  • In Bukolskas’s own words ‘’no woman is black and white’’, and this beautiful piece is a homage to her powerful message and influence from the women in her life.
  • Be sure to take a look at this piece full-size for it is the texture and layers that make this piece even more mesmerizing. From the bold violet-blue to the soft floral object that grows above its presence. Above, the textured female figure seems to have become one with its surrounding environment.
  • Dominika encapsulates the duality of holding calm and presence with passion and bravery all in one.  
  1. Alejandro Cartagena Carpoolers #16

Cartagena’s 50 Carpoolers Project explores the world of Mexican carpooling and the images have both narrative and mystery combined.

  • Cartagena’s project aims to bring to light the issues with the suburban expansion taking place in Mexico as many are built with poor transportation links to the centers.
  •  If we could have displayed all 50 images we would have, for it was hard to choose a favorite from the collection. #16 has a wonderful intimacy with these 3 men lying side-by-side, yet each person seems in their own world.
  • When looking at this piece, you begin to create a back story for each figure, the harshness of the cold weather conditions is highlighted by the far-right man warming his hands whilst the middle man is too exhausted from a days labor to feel the cold and is perhaps warmed by the 2 men on either side.

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Until next time-

Oliver Allen


P.S This month’s honorable mentions…
At Vapored Art we LOVE discovering talented artists, here are this month’s honorable mentions…

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