Blink and you’ll miss it!

Where did January go?!

Time can seem to pass in a blink of an eye. The same goes for artists in the NFT world, all to often artists go from posting their first NFT to minting an entire collection just 3 months after they first released their initial pieces! This is the reason Vapored Art is here, so you don’t miss the moment! We’re the hand reaching out from the moving train, ready to help you hop on and enjoy the ride of the ever-growing fast-paced NFT world!

Now, let’s get stuck into it..

  1. Jazer Giles watch nothing last

This piece of digital at is in fact the first NFT piece Jazer has uploaded to Foundation, so get bidding on auction as there’s a lot more exciting work to come!

– ‘Watch nothing last’ is a beautifully curated moving digital piece of art as the colours and formations fall vertically. Each colour, shape lasts for a split second, and once you’re looking it’s hard to take your eyes off it.


– We love Giles’ layering and contrasting textures and the movement the piece has not just through its vertical direction but also through the various directions of jagged lines and patterns the piece has.
-We can’t help but think deeper into the meaning of this piece and see it representing the speed of which the first month of 2022 just was.

  1. 2. Mark Hemeon Water Sketch no.25

Southern Californian based artist catches the wave in his painting like no one else and we are obsessed with the unique gift that is involved in his most recent NFT Collection ‘Water Sketches’

– Mark has decided that whoever owns these 25 sketches on his birthday (October 4th) can request an original painting based on the sketch they own. It’s a genius and also a beautiful way to connect the NFT virtual world back to physical form art. You can watch Mark’s full explanation of the project here.

– We love all of the 25 sketches Mark has shared but no.25 stood out the most. The warm yellow hue suggests this is an early morning sunrise or sunset.

– We can’t wait to see what sketch no.25 becomes once it is turned into a painting, as the powerful glowing sun hits the shimmering water. Just beautiful!




3. Axel Jenny It_wont_always_be_like_this
We couldn’t wait to share Axel Jenny’s unique work as they curate an aesthetically beautiful image whilst working with CG deformations.

– Axel’s work is ‘’rooted in human struggle and keeping up a facade’’ and we feel that this particular truly encaptures just that. 

– The shiny, glossy texture of the face contrasts with the overall abnormality of its overall shape and figure. The angle of the face, as if the neck is stretched out in pain suggests anguish covered up with pretty colours and smoothness.

– The baby pink background adds a feminine edge and correlates with the idea of feminine expectations in a society built on rewarding beauty from the outside, not from within.


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Until next time-

Oliver Allen

Until next time-

Oliver Allen

P.S This month’s honourable mentions…
As always there are so many artists we want to be recognised for their talent, here’s a few we can’t help but shout about.