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Each month at Vapored Art we are bringing you exciting, up and coming, fresh NFT artists who we believe are ones to watch and invest in now before they inevitably blow up in the NFT market. This month we are astounded by the talent and individuality of the 6 artists we have discovered. Just when you think it isn’t possible for it to get any better, oh boy, it does!

1. ​​Hulki Okan Tabak – Past Lives in New Bubble

Based in Istanbul, Tabak’s vibrant work has an ever shifting energy and life force of its own we couldn’t wait to share.

  • We are obsessed with the colours in ‘Past Lives in New Bubbles’. As if captured on flash during twilight, the harsh mustard yellow contrasts powerfully with the deep blue background. 
  • The various bubble-like shapes, contorted and varying in colour and size are suggestive to the idea of one’s experiences all culminating to be completely unique to anyone else, and thus affecting our future and present.
  • The details of red and orange draw the eye around the piece in a snake-like formation weaving in between the bubbles and shapes. 

2. Dario Veruari Nostalgia

Dario Veruari is a 3D Digital Artist based in Athens, Greece. 

  • To be nostalgic is to crave to return to a moment or feeling that existed in the past. The multiple bodies all clawing at the gap in the white-wash wall suggests every person’s desperation to live in constant moments of ‘bliss’ or ‘euphoria’ that they have all once experienced.
  • The eyes, lips and noses on the wall could be seen as metaphors to all the memories and moments imprinted in one’s mind. 
  • The use of colour in Veruari’s work is considered and powerful. The peach pink gives a flesh, raw feeling that bleeds out in a soft baby blue blanket which symbolises the idea of stillness, perhaps the present, that just falls without control into a beautiful shape. 

3. Teresa AustinThe Promise

Austin is an an Avant-Garde art specialist based in California, USA.

  • We were immediately drawn to The Promise. The bold red lip, nose and neck contrasting with the white washed faced all bring attention to the right eye. Holding your gaze with both a softness and intensity all in one.
  • Austin’s use of the textured, brown and beige background creates a sense of travelling back in time, as the woman in this portrait is from a different era, perhaps from the 40s or 50s.
  • The soft, but confident black lines give the portrait its shape in an effortless but striking way.
  • Perhaps the most wonderful detail, is the smallest part of the piece. The bright but small stoke of the turquoise blue on the right-hand ear. It’s touches like this that show an artist’s bravery when working, but also skill, with knowing what a piece needs to compel the story further.

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Oliver Allen

P.S This month’s honorable mentions…
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