Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better

then came issue 7!

Our goal with Vapored Art is to bring you 6 new artists each month who are just beginning their NFT journey. From time to time we might include an artist who has already skyrocketed, but we just can’t help but rave about them too! This month we have 6 exciting, innovative, emotive, and inspiring artists who have once again blown us away with their talent and unique voices.

Now, let’s get stuck into it..

  1. Andrea Balestrero PLAYROOM

Balestrero’s interest in both urban design architecture and contemporary art creates a hybrid style of work..

– Based in Milan and Mexico City, Andrea Balestrero is one of the founding members of gruppo A12, a group of architects committed to the hybridization of architectural design and visual arts.


-PLAYROOM is a brilliant hybrid of both architectural specificity contrasting with the idea of ‘play’ and sparse but positioned old-school gymnastics equipment. 


– It’s as if we have been transported back to our school gymnastic’s class, but as if in a dream-like world as the dark shadows of the arches weigh heavy and loom over the colorful floor.

  1. 2. Moonsundiamond Standrad Blues,

Moonsundiamond is a Zimbabwean artist based in British Columbia, his work ‘’revolves around emotion and our mind states as human beings’’

– Standard blues is a beautiful example of Moonsundiamonds intention to explore human emotion and metal states within his work. The electric blue night sky against the bold turquoise water creates this idea of the moon lighting up the water just as the clock strikes midnight and dreams start to rise from people’s bodies


– The texture of the ocean is both calming and mesmerizing as the layered colors lead your eyes to go deeper and deeper into the water. The dainty duck just above the figure’s head is a wonderful way to bring this dream state painting back to reality.


– We can’t help but wonder what the figure wading in the water with their cigarette in hand is thinking, as the birds, the moon, and the clouds dance in the night sky.

  1. Burst The painting that started glitching

Burst is an anonymous artist who focuses on post-neoexpressionism and digital art. Burst’s work often involves repetitive moving phrases to represent the ever-changing human psyche.

– This still image of ‘The painting that started glitching’ doesn’t do justice to the marvel of this kaleidoscopic piece so be sure to click onto his profile to check out the real deal!


– When Burst first minted ‘’The day my painting started glitching’’2 years ago he wrote ‘’Sometimes I stare so long at my paintings that I imagine things and sometimes I’m not sure if I am imagining things or they are really happening“. 


After reading this observation, and looking back at this still image, is it just my eyes, or do the blue bars start to move in waves? Does the blended rich red, blue, and green background move like mist? Or do they turn and fall onto each other like clothes in a washing machine cycle? Do you see anything move?


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Until next time-

Oliver Allen


P.S This month’s honorable mentions…
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