New Year, New NFT Artists

Happy New Year! 2022 is here and we are SO excited to be bringing you 3 new NFT artists every month for you to keep your eye on as the NFT world continues to grow. And whilst NFT art becomes an ever-expanding network, so is Vapored Art as we have some exciting news to share…

But first, let’s get stuck into three artists that are sure to have a brilliant year in 2022.

1. Wanda Oliver Conclave

Wanda is an experimental photographer based in Florida, United States who’s work seek’s to communicate shared human experience.

– Wanda finds ‘’​​deep fulfillment in processes that live just beyond the edge of my control’’ and Conclave is a primary example of that. This piece is created from an photographic chemigram (where an image is made by painting with chemicals on light-sensitive paper) and the bleeding of ink and blurred figures creates an atmospheric scene.
– The electric blue lit up by the burning hole of white light on the left suggests the women are awake at night.

-With their arms raised the figures suggest a ceremonial gathering, perhaps a prayer, or dance.

2. Valentyne Metyk Different People

This Ukrainian artist’s distinctive painting style is capturing the NFT audience’s eye like no other.

– Valentyne’s cold, coral blue people are called Consumers. Each figure has only a mouth and ears, they can listen and spread information but not see it. For him, the blue is a portrayal of a person’s inner energy and the red represents emptiness.

– Different People has a wonderful use of perspective with the picture hanging on the wall repeating the perspective of the room, there is a feeling of a never-ending universe which we consumers cannot escape.

– Valentyne has a unique eye for colour as the musty olive walls create the illusion that the walls are closing in, for these consumers their time is running out and without their eyes to see, they are blissfully unaware.




3. Fabin Resheed The Augmented Artist Series
Resheed is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, innovator, and technologist who explores society, philosophy, and spirituality.

– After reading Rabin’s explanation behind The Augmented Artsted Artist series we couldn’t wait to share this work with you. The main premise of this series is the exploration of art created through Artificial intelligence and questioning where an artist’s influence comes from. In this particular project, an Augmented artist is someone who is influenced and inspired by AI. To read Resheed’s full explanation, click here.

-This particular painting is truly mesmerizing, the textured nude background contrasting with the fluid black structures created a dream-like sensation.


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Until next time-

Oliver Allen


P.S This month’s honourable mentions…
As always there are so many artists we want to be recognised for their talent, here’s a few we can’t help but shout about.