I’m shocked…


Here at Vapored Art, our mission is simple: to bring you 6 NFT artists who are unique, undiscovered, and up and coming. This month we are shocked at the pure talent, skill, and statements these 6 artists are making in the NFT scene. 

1. ​​Fleurdeleur– Mind wandering

Fleurdeleur is an illustrator whose collection on known origin immediately caught our eye…

  • The title of this piece ‘mind wandering’ gives the viewer an insight into the artist’s mind, a place that many viewers long to understand. The face stretching out from the bottom figure seems in discomfort, wanting to pull away from the circumstance they find themselves in.
  • Yet what is so marvelous about this work is the roles can be reversed. When the main figure becomes the face with the stretched neck, the stillness of the later face- representing the wandering mind, creates an uncomfortable feeling in one’s stomach.
  • Fleurdeleur uses a wonderful soft palette. The hues of pink yellow and blue are almost bruise-like. As if each face is in constant healing, developing, and processing.


2. Athena Novo– Wanna Meet a Super Woman Today?

Novo’s bio quotes Thelonious Monk who states ‘’You can’t make anything go anywhere. It just happens’’ and her work triumphs that ethos in every inch of her work. 

  • There’s so much to dive into and appreciate in this wonderful piece of artwork. First, is the powerful use of color; The grey-blue gradient background created the illusion of a dismal environment desperate to be saved by a superhero. Whose bright red cape and elongated arm drip into the cool water that reflects the flames and burning landscape surrounding the superhero. 
  • The detail of the abstract legs is a true reflection of skill from the Novo. Each limb seems strong but conto​​rted as if the hero has been wounded and scarred from a previous battle.
  • Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the use of water on the floor to create a sense of depth in the piece. Who’d have thought that one simple addition of water on the floor could create the illusion of vastness on such scale? 

3. Paulo AlbuquerqueBorn To

This Brazilian artist is new to the NFT scene but one to watch out for.

  • Born To is a vibrant illustration packed with color and narrative. The boggling eyes on the left side are drawn out from the fishes that emerge from the mountains.
  • We love the bold use of color in this piece and the funky patterns and shapes to create a 20th-century surrealist painting.
  • The whole piece has a swooping sensation created by the diagonal lines and the fishes which also follow this same direction. As if all the elements have been swept upwards into this moment for us all to see.

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Until next time-

Oliver Allen


P.S This month’s honorable mentions…
At Vapored Art we LOVE discovering talented artists, here are this month’s honorable mentions…

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