We got lost…

We got lost in 6 incredible brand new artists’ work in this month’s issue. From a dynamic artist duo,  a bold and brave illustrator, to an AI artist. We found ourselves mesmerized and encapsulated by the incredible artwork created and we hope you do too. 

1. Yuma Kishi – Seeds #70008

Yuma Kishi is a contemporary Japanese artist whose work has been featured in Vogue and brands such as Nike.


  • Kishi’s work uses Artificial Intelligence to create mesmerizing video installations and sculptures. 

  • Seeds #70008 is part of a series Yuma Kishi has released on the NFT platform SuperRare. The mark-making and half-painted piece gives the illusion of the notes in someone’s studio space or perhaps the early drawings for a scientist’s new machine.

    The contrast between the muted, warm colours that create a feeling of old and worn out paper contrasts wonderfully with the fast-flowing movements of the video. The collision of multiple eras in one piece is pure genius.

2. Anna Aniskina War & Peace 

Aniskina is an illustrator whose vibrant dystopian work caught our eye immediately this month.

  • Considering the ongoing war in Ukraine, the power of this piece is ever relevant and poignant. The piece itself switches twice a day to day and night. The picture we are sharing is the daytime version of this artwork. 
  • Anna’s reason for switching between day and night symbolizes her belief that  ‘’Peace always comes after a war’’ just like the night comes after the day. 
  • The hand shooting out from the planet whilst holding the earth between its index finger and thumb is a powerful image of just how quickly the world can become controlled and its entire existence is at the mercy of the simple touch from someone’s fingers. 

3. Pajaritaflora DigitalIn Your Mind’s Eye 7/9

Pajaritaflora is a duo art team from painter MaryAnn and animator Keegan. 

  • In Your Minds Eye is part of a 9 part series of artworks and the goal is for the works to ‘’guide your mind’s eye’’

  • The circular formations and psychedelic shapes certainly achieve this goal, as they allow you to become lost within the painting and in a sort of trance or meditative state. 

  • The vibrant blues, pinks, and mustard yellows create a feeling of optimism and hope, perhaps a dream-like state, to encourage the observer to see the positives amidst the chaos. 


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Until next time-

Oliver Allen


P.S This month’s honorable mentions…
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