‘Three is a magic number

You’ve all heard the saying, and here at Vapored Art, we believe it to be true, as we show you three magical NFT artists that if you don’t follow already, you will now! 

In issue 3 we’re focusing on artists who use colour as a way to emote and tell a narrative. From a kaleidoscopic top-recommended photographer from TIME magazine to an animation artist taking Disney by storm, and a virtual painter creating magical illusions right before your eyes- we are about to understand why three truly is a magic number…

Ellie Pritts is a digital artist whose work has been featured in TIME, WIRED, Harper’s BAZAAR- and that’s just to name a few!

-Pritts has an eye for colour, with TV6_PaperFlowers being a moving animation of bold contrasting and complementing colours, you can’t help but be mesmerised..

-The grainy aesthetic of her work creates an early 2000, camcorder effect which we love.

– Ellie Pritts has an intrinsic relationship with Joshua Tree, with its environment becoming a template for many of her renowned photography pieces.

Also known as @Tako_Universe, Ntsako is a multidisciplinary artist who draws inspiration from various different African cultures. 

-Tako’s use of colour is effortlessly impactful, playing with both contrast and complementary couplings, we couldn’t help but be drawn to this piece.

– The idea of ‘self’ is captured through the eye line of the protagonist, whose gaze seems to wonder off into the abyss, as if truly in this moment, he is deep in thought with himself.

Andrew Benson is an LA based digital artist whom created moving colourful videos which melt you into a meditative state.

Andrews work is playful and impulsive, as Andrew is keen to not edit his work too much, the colours and shapes we see are often the first drafts- similar to a real-life painting- but this time it moves!

We’re obsessed with the blocks of colour which have acid wash clouds layered on top in this piece, drawing your eye around the piece in a full 360.

From a recent interview, we couldn’t help share a piece of advice Andrew gave to aspiring artists at the start of their journey… ‘’ Stop reading the analytics. Work every day. Figure out how things work so you can change it. Make lots of friends and support people whose work you really love.’’

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Until next time-

Oliver Allen

P.S This month’s honourable mentions…
As always there are so many artists we want to be recognised for their talent, here’s a few we can’t help but shout about.