This is just the beginning

It’s incomprehensively exciting for me as these words appear from under my fingertips as I begin my first official newsletter. This newsletter is focused on a subject I’m extremely passionate about, which after this first article I’m sure you will be too –  NFT Artwork.  

What is NFT Artwork?

– NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

– It is a unique crypto-asset that cannot be changed for other items.

– Why it’s different to the conventional art trade: Artists in the normal art trade receive a one time payment for their work. If that buyer sells it on and makes a profit- the artist see’s none of this. NFT ensures the artist receives a commission of the work WHENEVER it is traded because every transaction is tracked on the blockchain.

If after that short summary you’re still full of questions.. well you’re in the right place! Over the next weeks and months I’ll be sharing more in-depth information on NFT Artwork, How it Began, Where it’s Going, The NFT ‘Lingo’ Unlocked and So.

So first and foremost, Welcome!

Let’s take a look at 3 unique and inspiring NFT artists: 

Though the image at first glance may seem relatively simple in it’s symbolism, what the bitcoin world gives this piece is far more meaningful than one could have ever first anticipated…

– Micah Johnson has created a unique work whereby every year on the boys’ birthdays, a change in Layer reveals what they want to be when they grow up, in addition to a bitcoin wallet whom anyone can contribute to. 

– ‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē represents the two boys’ opportunities to achieve their dreams as the door central to the piece opens up more each year.

Inspired by the renowned work of Mondrian’s De Stijl known for being a pioneer of Modernism. Simon believes NFT artwork is now a new wave of Modernism…

– All Neolastic art pieces have an automated and liquid economy and are ‘self-driving’.The rundown of this is explained in more detail here.

– Though it might seem technical and advanced in certain aspects, what we love is the juxtaposition of the work of art received once you invest in Neolastics- simple, concise, impactful subjective to colour combination you receive. We can’t wait to keep following the journey of the Neolastics collection.

Ångel Rivas’ main goal with his work is to try and ‘’convey the happiness and miracle of life, with vivid colours… used in an expressive and innocent way’’.

– This quick-paced, emotive style of work is a refreshing contrast to a commonly digital style of NFT artwork displayed on the platform.

– Full of vibrant colours, one can’t help but be drawn to the fluidity of movement and yet contrasting palette all in one piece. It evokes the question ‘What does this piece make me feel?’, ‘Can I relate to the feeling of this piece?’, ‘Can the ‘Third Eye Open’ have a double meaning?’ 

This is just the beginning for these artists and we can’t wait to keep sharing their journey.

If you’re wondering what else this Newsletter will entail here’s a sneak peek into what we’re bringing to you in the next coming weeks/months…

– Interviews with NFT Artists

– Insights to the NFT Industry

– ‘How to get started in NFT Artwork’ Starter Pack

It’s safe to say there’s a lot more in store and a whole exciting, art-filled journey ahead- 

Here’s to the beginning! 

See you soon,

Oliver G.Allen

P.S This months honourable mentions…
As always there are so many artists we want to be recognised for their talent, here’s a few we can’t help but shout about.