Things can only get better

Last month I told you it was just the beginning. This month the three artists I’m sharing prove just that. From a 12-year-old NFT phenomenon, an undiscovered ‘diamond in the rough’ and multidiscipline NewYork based powerhouse; I’m about to share 3 contrasting enlivening artists you will be glad to know about…

Firstly let’s give you some more insights into HOW the NFT world works:

In a nutshell, NFT artworks are part of Etherum Blockchain (We’ll tap into this on another day!) each piece is an individual token with information stored in them. This means they can be in the format of art, music, video, and more!

NFT art can be purchased and sold like normal art, there can also be multiple NFT’s associated to one piece of art. Think of a music track being sold multiple times via NFT’s.

Nyla Hayes is a 12-year-old NFT artist taking the world by storm with her unique Long Neckie series inspired by her favourite dinosaur the Brontosaurus.

– Our favorite collection so far is Nyla’s most recent drop ‘Timeless Beauty’ exclusive to KnownOrigin.

– Each woman is unique and eyecatching in their own individualistic way with a warm, orange, mahogany, red hue flowing through each piece creating a gorgeous array of what it is to be beautiful by celebrating what is unique to you.

– And let’s not forget the most exciting part of all about Nyla’s work is her journey thus far in the NFT world- at only 12 years of age!

There’s very little to intro about this artist due to the minimal information available online. It’s clear we’ve stumbled across a gem at the start of a long journey and right now most of their artwork is going for free on NFT.

– Our favourite piece (amongst many) we couldn’t help but be obsessed with is a most recent upload. Through TwoCamels Instagram you learn that the inspiration for this artwork appears to be a family holiday photo of a group walking out from the sea. 

– The aqua blue and the effortlessly layered yellow border create the feeling of reminiscing, whereby everyone sees their own past family summer holiday within the same piece of art.

Carrie Able might be new to NFT but she sure isn’t to the world of art. Having painted Oil on Linen for over 20 years, it’s no surprise we were so drawn to her mesmerising, expressive work.

– Carrie’s goal is for her ‘’work to bring joy, comfort, and hope to others as it does for me’’. This quote is the reason we chose to highlight this specific piece of work.

– The dark purples and midnight blues with evergreens wrap around like a twisted forest to behold a beacon of light. Or hope, as Carrie would put it. This metaphor can be translated into everyone’s life.

-We’re so pleased to have found Carrie’s work and for her to have joined the NFT family.

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Until next time-

Oliver G.Allen

P.S This month’s honourable mentions…
As always there are so many artists we want to be recognised for their talent, here’s a few we can’t help but shout about.