‘Our gift to you

With Diwali, Thanks-giving, Hanukkah, Christmas and whatever celebration is close to your heart and family this winter, we wanted to make sure we kept bringing you some of the most exciting, up and coming artists in the NFT world!

Our gift to you in issue 4 is three brand new artists we couldn’t wait to share! All three artists have one common theme- they are all self-taught. Yet despite this commonality, there work vary’s for Microsoft Word created pieces, to multi-medium abstracts and 60s nouveau inspired work. Let’s get into it!

1) Matias Romano An example of a room with three objectsMatias Romano is a self-taught artist and painter from Argentina, travelling around North Africa and Europe to inspire his work.

– This particular piece stood out for us, the position of the three figures and the aspect of the bedroom; drawing your eye from the outside edges and then into the corner of the bedroom.– Romano has a beautiful skill at playing with textures through using different mediums and styles within the same piece.– The gorgeous pink persian-patterned rug below, contrasting with the dusty baby blue sky allows the three black fuzzy figures to really stand out.
  1. Darta Katrina Fafnir

Dārta Katrīna is a 19 year old line and shape enthusiast from Latvia whose work is inspired by 60s psychedelia and art nouveau.

– Darta’s work is wonderfully unique, her work has a dream-like, utopian feel with contrasting colours and strange, abstract figures.

– Based on a Norse mythological story, ‘Fafnir’ is a man who turned into a dragon to protect his gold.

– The varying emotions portrayed in the dragon’s body suggest Fafnir’s conflict with his decision to become a dragon. The faces suggest regret, reflection, remorse and doubt.



3. Osinachi The Cardinals Finger
Osinachi is a self-taught artist from Nigeria who uses Microsoft Word to create his work and takes advantage of the limited design palette to create his work. Dry Stems Neroli

– Osinachi’s work is well sought after on various platforms such as OpenSea, Portion, Marketplace and Rarible. In 2018 he made history after becoming the first Nigerian artist to showcase their work at the Ethereal Summit in New York. 

– We’re obsessed with the colour palette of ‘Cardinals Finger’ and the use of texture within the different blocks of colour

– The use of bright and vibrant colours conflicts with the suggestion of leadership and control, with the large abstract hand and finger reminding the viewer of the power and influence of the cardinal. 


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Until next time-

Oliver Allen

P.S This month’s honourable mentions…
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